Our services

Our services


Our production facility has been designed in such a way as to minimize the risk of error and to prevent all kinds of contamination and cross contamination. The necessary parameters for product quality are provided in GMP standards.

Our production departments are constantly developed and equipped with the latest technology, and work with high-speed, closed systems. Trained, experienced and dynamic staff are employed in all lines.

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In our R&D department within Dinçsa, we carry out research and development activities with a large technical staff who are experts and knowledgeable in their fields and with advanced technology infrastructure.

Our R&D department


In addition to Dinçsa products, equivalent products can be produced in our facility by being licensed under different brands, and cooperation with other companies can be made with a co-marketing strategy. In this way, companies have the opportunity to access the market quickly and easily, and equivalent products are offered to the market.


If it's vigorous; with its production experience, technological infrastructure and expert staff; provides contract services in tablet, film tablet, granule, capsule, pomade, ointment, dragee, enteric coating, cream and gel forms.