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About Us

about us

Our activities, which we started with the contract manufacturing of products that will serve human health in 1973, continued with our production facility established in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone in 1998. Our aim is to fulfill our duty in the construction of a healthier future. We have been working towards this goal for nearly half a century.

Since the day we were founded, we have been producing primarily for human health and then for the country's economy. Our aim is to provide added value to the country's economy and to produce equivalent drugs with the resources of our country. Because we produce for “healthy lives” emanating from a strong country.

Dinçsa culture requires being innovative, researching and forward-thinking. For this reason, R&D has an important place in our organization. We are researching in many areas such as human resources, technology and education in order to take this point of view further and to make a difference in health.

The first company to receive the ISO:9001 Quality Certificate in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Production in Quality Standards
With 15.000 m² Closed Area
Modern Production Facility

Our Values

As Dinçsa, we produce in anti-flu, antirheumatic, dermatological, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and many therapeutic areas with our half-century of experience and corporate principles and principles.
With an investigative perspective, without sacrificing quality, with advanced technology production; To produce medicines that will benefit human health and make a difference.
To be a global player in the international market with the quality of Dinçsa, as one of the manufacturers that make a difference in Turkey.

Valuing Human Health
If it's vigorous; Since the day it was founded, it carries out all its activities to make a positive difference in the name of human health.

Quality Concept
For Dinçsa, quality is a living concept and must be constantly improved and raised its own standards.

Visionary Perspective
If it's vigorous; It follows modern medicine, advanced technology and accompanies change. Searches for innovations that will make a difference.

Sharing Approach
If it's vigorous; It shares its experience and knowledge to benefit human health.

Dinçsa respects people and the environment in which people live. While carrying out its commercial activities, it does not harm the nature that it has entrusted from future generations and fulfills its responsibilities to leave a clean ecosystem.

Human Resources


Managed with a sustainable management approach, Dinçsa is aware of its responsibilities to the environment and human health. Dinçsa, which does not endanger the environment for the continuation of its production activities and is aware that it is a part of nature, but that it will develop as long as nature and the ecosystem exist, fulfills its responsibilities to the environment with the slogan of "Health for Life" and considers the environment while making all managerial decisions. With the understanding of "Health for Life", it supports important projects in the establishment of public health.